AA insurgents disturb, attack fencing tasks in Myanmar-Bangladesh border area


Nay Pyi Taw March 10

Some 200 members of AA insurgent group in various dimensions from the side of Bangladesh committed attacks against those from construction sites of border fencing tasks and members of security forces between BP-67 and BP-68 of border posts in Myanmar-Bangladesh border in Buthidaung Township of Rakhine State in the afternoon of 9 March.

As members of construction unit and security force members jointly conducted counter-attacks in order to prevent disturbance and disturbances of the insurgents at construction of border fence and ensure safety and security of construction workers,both sides exchanged fire. During the event, construction workers from border fencing tasks were evacuated to the safer place from their existing worksite for their security but many items of unmovable heavy machinery used in fencing tasks were left in the workplace.

The fencing tasks at Myanmar-Bangladesh border have been carried out under four phases since 2010 to prevent illegal border crossings and to ensure the security of local ethnic people and western door of Myanmar. Till now, a total of 129.15 miles long border fencing tasks have been fi nished up to border mile post No 67.

The harassment attacks of AA insurgents on construction sites of border fencing tasks which are being carried out to ensure the security of local ethnic people and western door of Myanmar and members of security forces, were destructive acts on the territorial security of the State, perpetuation of sovereignty and the safeguarding of the life and property of local people. Therefore, security forces will effectively pursue the crackdown operation against the insurgents.

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