Major clash broke out between security troops taking security measures in and around Ponnagyun and Kyauktaw and AA insurgent group; insurgents suffered heavy losses and flee


Nay Pyi Taw March 15

Aung Zaw Lin and team of AA insurgent group arrived near Painnedaw Village in Ponnagyun Township at about 9 pm on 7 March 2019. He sent his hardcore members to the ward administrators of the township and handed letters demanding to pay Ks-65 million within seven days, or face attacks against a local battalion headquarters and police stations including Ponnagyun at the end of matriculation examinations.

As the entire local ethnics of Ponnagyun Township could not tolerate such an armed intimidation and insult they informed the Tatmadaw and security forces in time. They also gave a reply to the insurgent group that in no way they would pay the money. Acting on the information, security troops took security measures in and around Ponnagyun and Kyauktaw townships.At that time, a large number of AA insurgents started to break the area security by attacking the Yoetayok police outpost, with only about 11 members, that was taking the duty of securing the question and answer papers of 2019 matriculation examination and the area, at night on 9 March.

With follow-up information sent by local people and attacks by AA insurgents on Yotayok police outpost, security troops tightened security in Ponnagyun and Kyauktaw townships. Meanwhile, acting on a tip-off that AA insurgents would further attack security outposts in Kanzauk Village and nearby villages in Ponnagyun and Kyauktaw townships on 10 March, two Tatmadaw columns operating in Kyauktaw Township were moved to deploy the area between Kanzauk and Ponnagyun for community peace and order. At a place about 7,000 meters south of Kanzauk Village,Kyauktaw Township on the noon of March 11, the temporary camp with AA insurgent groups which were making new recruitments and troops formed with civilians earning their livelihoods in an honest way under their threat were found. Then clashes occurred and the situation was under control.

On March 12 also, AA insurgents at full strength attacked security forces repeatedly and attempted to wipe them out by reinforcing themselves. On 13 March, a Tatmadaw column which arrived there to reinforce security troops was blocked. As they made attempts to lay besiege to and totally combat the security troops with scuffle attacks day and night for several times, the security forces bravely made counter-attacks.

With the support fire, the security troops in synchronization conducted violent counter-attacks on AA insurgent group which was making attempts to combat the security forces in the evening of 13 March and on 14 March. Due to the brave and synchronized attacks of security forces, AA insurgent groups retreated to various dimensions with heavy casualties on the evening of 14 March.

In the incident, some officers and other ranks from the Tatmadaw were dead and injured. Arms and dead bodies were seized from AA insurgents and a temporary base opened with the purpose of attacking town, villages and departmental buildings in Ponnagyun and Kyauktaw townships captured. Currently, security measures are being taken in Ponnagyun Township and around Kyauktaw Township.

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