Information about fabricated news made by AA insurgents


NAY PYI TAW March 31

1. AA insurgents attacked police outposts which were taking security measures for the local people and border region in Ngamyinbaw,Kyaungtaung, Guppi and Khahtihla on 4 January 2019. AA insurgents committed attacks on police outposts,planting mines and mine attacks on Yangon-Sittwe Union Highway,sending letters of threat with bullets to heads of police outposts, administrators and 100-household heads on duty of ward and village area level administration and rule of law and arresting and killing them.

2. Local people residing in the areas close to AA insurgents fear them due to their illegal atrocities and follow their forced orders. Taking such privileges, AA insurgents taking positions in urban wards and villages as cover committed terror acts such as opening fire and committing mine attacks at Tatmadaw columns which were on security duty. After happening skirmishes near villages and wards, AA insurgents themselves in disguise of villagers made fabricated information while they ordered local ethnics from wards and villages under their threats to talk about fake news. Then, they posted such fabricated information on the social network and websites as attempts to propagate fabricated news for causing misunderstanding among the people.

3. For a signifi cant example,a woman namely female writer Nwe Thargi participated in the fabricated talks live broadcast on the social network about the incident on the head of Teinnyo Police Outpost shot dead in MraukU Township at about 7.30 pm on 23 March 2019, “with an attempt to cause misunderstanding between the people and the Tatmadaw”.The investigation conducted on the ground mentioned that the woman is a Rakhine ethnic. She does not live in Rakhine State,but in Lashio. As she evades, a file of lawsuit was opened to take action against her under the law.Moreover, fabricated news on social network and websites described that the Tatmadaw intentionally made Teinnyo-Aukthakan Village clash on 29 March and opened fire without reasons, leaving local people dead and injured including two women.With regard to the incident, talks of the official responsible for administration in Aukthakan Village were released in time on 29 and 30 March.

4. As such, innocent local ethnic people are urged not to believe false and fabricated information and propaganda with threats of AA insurgents who are in disguise of local people and to inform relevant administrative bodies and security forces about these acts of AA insurgents in time as part of contributing to ensuring peace and stability of Rakhine State.

Tatmadaw True News Information Team

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