Prompting not to believe rumours in broadcasting, writing and talks of AA insurgents

Prompting not to believe rumours in broadcasting, writing and talks of AA insurgents

Nay Pyi Taw July 28

1. The regions of Rakhine State, except movements of ARSA terrorists in Buthidaung-Maungtaw region in northern part of Rakhine State, were white colour regions with prevailing peace and stability before 2015. Starting from March 2015, AA insurgents entered Rakhine State, causing deterioration to peace and stability in northern regions of Rakhine State. Setting the main targets at administration, rule of law and security machinery of the government, AA insurgents are continuously committing attacks on police outposts, posing threats to and killing village administrators, putting pressure on them not to have ability to discharge their duties and planting and blowing mines on communication routes.

2. At present, spreading rumours that the Tatmadaw will open fire at villages in Rakhine State with heavy weapons and set fire to them, AA insurgents are continuously making attempts to cause fear of local people in order to run away from their villages and to happen more instability in the region. On 2 February 2019, AA insurgents forcibly took more than 120 villagers from Khamaungwa and Kintalin villages in Paletwa Township of Chin State to other country by spreading rumours that they would send them to safer places because the Tatmadaw would drop bombs soon. The majority of those villagers have not escaped with plights yet till today.

3. The Tatmadaw formed with various ethnics is a legal organization discharging State defence duty and security measures for life and property of ethnic people. The servicemen discharging duty at the Tatmadaw in individuals or organizations are strictly abiding by military laws and civil laws. They follow 60 points of Military Code of Conduct, the Rules of Engagement (ROE) and common article 3 of the  four Geneva Conventions and basic principles of the Law of War on duty of military operations and security duty.

4. Evidences on AA insurgents’ use of local people as human shields, their attempts to cause clashes near villages and wards, and misleading the situation with setting fire to houses and other buildings during clashes were released at press conferences and press releases. At present, AA insurgents are continuously spreading rumours with attempts to cause instability among the innocent local people due to decline of local people’s supports based on their terrorist acts and military failures. It was reviewed that depending on the fabricated news, the AA insurgents may get in disguised as Tatmadaw and fire the villages with the use of heavy weapons and small ones. Making attempts to destroy the watercraft and vessels sailing in the waterway and other different forms of destructive acts.

5. Warnings have been given to the local people through respective ward and village administrators to take cooperative measures with administrative and security bodies including ward and village administrators in restoring regional peace and stability and not to trust in the fabricated news produced by the AA insurgents.

Tatmadaw True News Information Team

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