Further narcotic drugs, related items seized in Kutkai Township,Shan State (North)

Further narcotic drugs, related items seized in Kutkai Township,Shan State (North)


The press release was issued on 21 July for arresting two suspects along with narcotic drugs at the house and warehouse of U Kyauk Tei Yon in Namh-oum Village of Muse Township, Shan State (North).

Based on the investigation over arrestees,acting on      tip-off that narcotic drugs were produced around the area of Chaunghson,about 3,000 metres southeast of Shaukhaw Village in Kutkai Township, security troops performed search and security measures at the area from 25 to 28 July.They further seized 2,262 containers of acid weighing five gallons each used in producing narcotic drugs,356 containers of acid weighing 10 gallons each, 195 containers of acid weighing 50 gallons each, 478 iron barrels of acid, 5,280 bottles of acid, 90 bags of brown washing soda, 20 bags of bone charcoal, 1,220 bags of white powder (sodium exodites), 50 bags of white powder (sodium sulphate), 9,000 pink tablets (mixed WY+88) and 750 kilos of ICE (totally valued at more than Ks-16billions of local price) and 96 huts and sheds for making narcotic drugs, one dozer, one Toyota Hilux, 1,144 long gas cylinders, 69 stove boilers, 95 glass steamers/steamed pots, six large generators, 30 refrigerators,seven deep freezers, 11 washing machines,40 steel trays for drying, eight steel mixers,18 boxes of tablet powder (white/red), five tablet machines, six platform scales, 484 bowls in various sizes, 205 basins in various sizes, six dryers, 1,800 empty bags of dried tea and related items.

The aforesaid seized narcotic drugs and related items were sent to Kutkai Myoma Police Station and further process will be undertaken under the procedures.

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