Insurgents from AA, TNLA, MNDAA launch attacks in PyinOoLwin, Nawnghkio townships

Insurgents from AA, TNLA, MNDAA launch attacks in PyinOoLwin, Nawnghkio townships

NAY PYI TAW August 15

Insurgents fired small and heavy weapons at Defence Services Technological Academy in PyinOoLwin, PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay Region, PyinOoLwin toll gate, the exit to Nawnghkio town, Goktwin police post in Nawnghkio Township, northern Shan State, Nawnghkio toll gate, the exit to Kyaukme Town, a narcotic checkpoint and a local battalion headquarters at about  5.30 am today, wounding a Tatmadawman from DSTA and killing an innocent civilian staff member.

In connection with the incident, 107-mm rocket launchers with the use of a short circuit were fired into the east of DSTA from the east of PyinOoLwin-Lashio Road. Two men in civilian clothes from a car fired RPGs at Asia World toll gate and the narcotic checkpoint. Weapons were fired on Goktwin police post in Nawnghkio Township, Nawnghkio toll gate, the exit to Kyaukme, and the  local battalion headquarters. All the attacks were carried out simultaneously at about 5.30 am. So the Tatmadaw had to conduct counter-attacks.

As soon as the attacks occurred, Tatmadaw columns as reinforcements rushed to Goktwin police post, Nawnghkio toll gate and Asia World toll gate. During security operation, six Type 63 107-mm launchers connected with batteries and wires, sites for firing launchers and one battery container were found on the hillock to the east of PyinOoLwin-Lashio Road in the east of DSTA.

At about 5.30 am today, AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents with full strength fired at Goktwin police outpost in Nawnghkio Township, killing three policemen shouldering security duties on Goktwin Bridge, and four others went missing. They also blew up the bridge halting traffic flow. Then, clashes occurred between them and security troops who went to the police force for reinforcement, and seven officers and other ranks from the Tatmadaw were killed. In coordination with relevant ministry, the Tatmadaw columns are providing necessary assistance for reopening the communication route as soon as possible and carrying out necessary repairs of bridge.

Due to attacks on the combined team which was taking security measures at the narcotic checkpoint near the Nawngkhio toll gate,  two Tatmadaw members on security duty died, and the burnt dead body of a civilian, one motorcycle and four vehicles were found.

Tatmadaw columns are taking measures on security and control of the area around the region while performing military operations in a hot pursuit of the retreating insurgent groups.

These incidents were committed by AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents with terror attacks to encroach on the rule of law because they were not satisfied with the Tatmadaw which seized narcotic drugs worth more than K16 billion in total mount, drug tablet making machine, related equipment and opium refineries around Chaungzon area, southeast of Shaukhaw Village in Kutkai Township on 25 July 2019 and narcotic drugs worth about Ks-5 billion, ammunition and related equipment from Yetkhontaing Village of Yathedaung Township in Rakhine State on 8 August, and the military failure of AA insurgents who faced a large number of death and injury in Rakhine State.

As the paragraph-7 in the Statement on Ceasefire and Eternal Peace issued on 21 December 2018 has been released, saying that “it is necessary to take responsibility not to disrupt the functioning of different levels of the government’s administrative mechanism and smooth transportation, and  not to harm the lives and property of the people”, and that the Tatmadaw will take necessary action to mitigate if it is violated, the Tatmadaw will  carry out necessary measures.

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