AA, TNLA, MNDAA insurgents blow up bridges, fire heavy weapons at local homes and buildings

AA, TNLA, MNDAA insurgents blow up bridges, fire heavy weapons at local homes and buildings

NAY PYI TAW August 17

Insurgents from AA, TNLA and MNDAA fired three rounds of RPG at a local battalion headquarters in Kyaukme town, Shan State (North)on the night of 16 August, and the counter-attack forced them to retreat westwards.

Moreover, the insurgents blew up the 41st mile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung) to the southwest of Namsalet-Kunglon Road in Kunglon and Hsenwi townships at about 3.30 am; and the reinforced concrete-type Mantonsun Bridge on Hsenwi-Naksalet Union Highway at about 4.30 am. The 41st mile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung)was broken into two pieces and Mantonsun Bridge had its floor damaged cutting off transport links.This morning, five clashes broke out between the insurgents and Tatmadaw columns on regional peace and security duty around Kutkai-Namphatkar-Muse region.

This afternoon, some 200 insurgents approached to attack Lashio from Konsar to the north-east of the town.But, Tatmadaw columns’ counterattack left many insurgents dead and they retreated. There were also about 10 engagements between the insurgents and Tatmadaw columns shouldering security duties on Lashio-Hsenwi-Kutkai-105th –mile Union Highway.

Near Namh-om Village, the security troops opened fire to arrest a motorcycle driven by two suspects leaving Muse for Namphatkar. In the incident, one TNLA insurgent who came to Namphatkar Town to make a surprise attack was arrested together with one RPG and one shell. This morning, insurgents fired at Teinphyu petrol station near Panhek Village, north of Lashio and houses in Ward 12 of Lashio with the use of heavy weapons. In the incident, Teinphyu petrol station caught fire, and some houses in Ward 12 were damaged by shells of heavy weapons.Moreover, as a Red Cross vehicle of Parahita social association from Lashio carrying out relief works was fired by heavy weapon, the incident left the vehicle damaged and one person dead.

AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents committed war crime by firing at civilian wards, civil targets,and social and relief associations without reasons and by exploding roads and bridges.Tatmadaw columns are taking necessary security measures for ensuring peace and stability and control of the regions.

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