Arms/ammunition, narcotic drugs, related materials used in refining narcotic drugs seized in Namsang Township

Arms/ammunition, narcotic drugs, related materials used in refining narcotic drugs seized in Namsang Township

NAY PYI TAW August 23

The servicemen on security duty in Namsang Township of Shan State(South) seized 10 plastic tents, 14 refrigerators, 13 steel steam pots,seven trays for keeping Ice, 757 gas cylinders, 708 acid containers,one grinding machine, five oil barrels, one large generator, three digital platform scales, 14 steam pots for refining narcotic drugs,107 plastic bowls, 58 iron barrels of hydrochloric acid, 110 empty barrels, one 150-litre Ice container and one vehicle without owner, at about 1,000 metres southeast of Narpwe Village at about 4.15 pm on 22 August.

Likewise, the security forces taking measures on prevalence of law and order seized 4.5 kilos of heroin powder/solid, 18.14 kilos of WY brand stimulant powder,81,000 WY brand stimulant tablets,20 gallons of black opium liquid,two gas cylinders, two tablet making machines, two drug blenders, three barrels of acid, six drug refining tanks, five plastic tents, 10 litres of alcohol, 18 bottles of incense (large/small), 59 assorted drug bottles and 20 CCL labeled white blocks without owner at about 700 metres south of the aforesaid site at about 5 pm.

At about 10 am today, a total of 39 persons who were seemed suspects who evaded from the narcotic drug refining camp—17 near Panketu Village, seven near Wamphun Village and 15 near Metlan Village—were found. Officials are making preparations to perform necessary investigation on them.

This morning, the detailed appropriate security operation was performed around Nawngpein Village. At about 11 am, security forces found five sheds roofed with corrugated sheets, 27 polyethylene bags of WY brand stimulant tablets(number of tablets under scrutiny),four tablet making machines, 10 steel trays for mixing drugs, 600 gas cylinders, one .22 gun, one magazine, 46 grenades, 360 rounds of ammunition of 7.62 gun, four vehicles and related materials at 1,500 metres east of the village.

The said arms and ammunition,narcotic drugs and related equipment were systematically handed over to Anti-Narcotic Drug Police Platoon in Namsang to continuously do further procedures.

The Tatmadaw is striving for eradicating narcotic drugs and related equipment which can kill the entire nationals. During the period from 1 January to 15 August 2019,they seized 171.758 kilos of heroin,239.6416 kilos of opium, 60.755 kilos of black opium, 44,295,888 stimulant tablets, 5,069.912 kilos of Ice, 10,848.13 kilos of other related materials (totally amounted to more than Ks- 217.85 billion).

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