Eliminate destructive elements, protect the interests of country and people(From Previous Day)

Eliminate destructive elements, protect the interests of country and people

(From Previous Day)

U Thaung Myint Tun (Chief Engineer/Civil) Road Department, Ministry of Construction)  

Our road construction department is upgrading the road network nationwide  to ensure smooth and swift transportation. We have come to repair the bridge damaged by mine attacks. We are installing twolane 24-feet wide and 210-ft long bailey  bridge and approach roads. This road is  crucial for commodity flow from Mandalay, Lashio, Muse, Hsenwi to Laukkai. Three  bridges  were  also  blown  up in Lashio, Hsenwi and Kunglon. So, road construction department and bridge construction department are working day and night to put the road back into commission. Tatmadaw as well as police are providing security for us to do so.

U Shwe Lay (Director-General, Bridge Construction Department, Ministry of Construction)

So far in 2019, we have experience of natural disasters and saw bridges damaged due to destructive attacks. As the 200-feet long bridge was damaged, its bored piles are no longer in safe conditions. And it will take at least six months to a build a 210-ft long bailey bridge over the old structure.We, of the bridge construction department, determined to build it within five days since the day of attack and as you can see, we have installed 210-ft long trusses over the opposite bank. As we are responsible for bridges, we will make sure they are back in service for the people in shortest period of time if they sustain any extent of damage triggered either by natural disaster or insurgents.

U Kyaw Thiha (Director (Civil), Road Department, Ministry of Construction)

I will explain the construction of Goktwin Bridge and its approach structure. We will apply the Steel beams  stabilize method in erecting the 225-foot long approach structure on Nawnghkio bank. The same method will be applied in erecting the 105-foot long approach on the Kyaukme bank. It will take about nine hours to complete the job. As their bereaved families, we too felt so much sorry for all the Tatmadaw members and police members who fell while guarding the public facilities.

U Soe Naing (Resident, Naunghkio)

I am a Naunghkio resident. I have grown up in Naunghkio and I am now 50 years  old. I never see such a terrifying clash throughout my life. Like me, the whole town never encounters such a shocking situation and that upset all of us. The schools have to be closed and the children can’t be sent to schools. We all are frightened of what we can’t know when and where the clash came. It has effect on all things not on economy alone. I have seen the scene like red cross car fired by MNDAA. Now, it is the second time. It should not be on the full moon day. It is my sense of duty to tell them as one of the people. We had to drive through the sounds of guns. We had to try to pick up the injured during the clash, but they died of bleeding wounds. I strongly opposed the destructive acts of the armed groups.    

Daw Mya Pu Nwe (local, Naunghkio)

I’m very sorry about the news. We are in a state of constant panic as our daily lives are affected. So, we rely on Tatmadaw to prevent clashes from recurring. And there are daily wage earners in Naunghkio. And there are groups of vendors who sell at five-day markets. As the roads are blocked, they can’t go for selling and they dread that they would be arrested. So, they are having a really hard time. I don’t want new clashes happen. I want peace and I really desire Tatmadaw. 

U Cho Tu (Phyusin Metta Social Welfare Association, Naunghkio)

First, we received news about the skirmishes at Goktwin. In addition to Goktwin, we also heard gun shots when we arrived at the Asia World tollgate. We saw the drug inspection office in flames. So, we knew that we could not continue amidst the shootings. Members of Myanmar Police Force, Tatmadaw columns and members of Myanmar War Veterans Organization were ensuring security at the place.We found five or six wounded staff of the Asia World in the tollgate. They were kicked and beaten by the guns. We sent them to Naunghkio Hospital by emergency ambulance. When we continued our journey, we found that the Goktwin Bridge had already been blown up. We saw it with our own eyes. Weapons were fired at Tatamadaw sentries in the Goktwin police outpost.  In the coming days, our chairman while trying to save people was shot dead in a car. We felt so sorry for him. We also felt so sad that insurgents shot at the persons doing rescue work.

U Myat Moe Aung (Saytanamon social organization, Naunghkio)

It was learnt that clashes broke out at about 5 am and tollgate and narcotic drug inspection gate were under attack. We heard of gunshots on other side. We dare not tell ambulance drivers to pass through the place of clashes. The patients here and members of the organization are at risk of clashes. We have to think how to send the patients to PyinOo Lwin(Maymyo) hospital. When Goktwin Bridge was blasted, the vehicles can’t go. Packets of rice and curry had to be distributed to the drivers and the passengers. Packets of rice and water bottles were distributed. Phone numbers are written on the back of our car and vinyl were struck for enabling those who are in need to be provided packets of rice and curry and bottles of water. We would like those who are in need to ask us for help. We are the people. We don’t want clashes but we want peace. It is amazing  how the clashes  cause  a shocking situation just like a terrifying dream. We feel very regretful as our residents are in trouble. We don’t want war. We wish wars never came to our residents in the future.       

Dr Myint Kywe (Aung Tagun drugstore and grocery, Naunghkio)

I heard that a clash erupted at the exit of GoteTeik to Kyaukme. I went to bus terminal, and saw that bus operation had stopped. I was sorry that there was a shooting at the narcotic drug inspection gate, and a worker was shot dead and buildings were set ablaze.  Naunghkio used to be a peaceful township, but gates are closed in the east, and in the west of the towns, clashes are ongoing in Kyauk Kyan and Pyi Chit Pagoda. As a civilian, I think those clashes are unacceptable. They should not blow up the bridge that is used to transport food supplies and consumer goods for us. I am sorry that Tatmadawmen and police died in Goktwin. The bridge was blown up only after they fell. I am proud that they had sacrificed their lives to protect their town.Tatmadaw has released the announcement on the ceasefire and eternal peace, which is an unprecedented endeavour in the history of Myanmar’s peace process, for effectiveness of the peace aspired by the entire people, and has been holding the ceasefire from 21 December 2018 to 31 August 2019.The commitment of destructive acts by the insurgents during the ceasefire period has clearly shown that they have no desire for peace, and that they only have the intention to intimidate and offend the people. The people of Myanmar have already witnessed the degree of sufferings and the burden caused by those destructive acts. So, it is stated that the insurgents  will face the response that is equal in degree for their unforgettably cruel and wicked acts against the people.


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