Insurgents attack Tatmadaw columns repairing 41st-mile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung)

Insurgents attack Tatmadaw columns repairing 41st-mile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung)

NAY PYI TAW August 24

The Tatmadaw carried out repair tasks for Mantongsun Bridge on Hsenwi-Namhsalet-Kunglon Road,the 31st-Mile Bridge at exit of Narte Village and the 41st- mile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung) which were damaged after being blown up by insurgents from AA,TNLA and MNDAA. Mantongsun Bridge repair was completed on 19 August allowing local people to pass through conveniently as part of their daily transport.

As the Tatmadaw carried out reconstruction tasks for the 41stmile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung) for the convenience of local travellers, AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents fired small and heavy weapons from the north of the bridge on 23 August afternoon.So, Tatmadaw columns working on bridge repair and regional security had to make counterattack.

Similarly, AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents made heavy weapon attacks on the local battalion headquarters in Kutkai on the afternoon of 23 August and on Yaypu checkpoint in Hsenwi at 3.30 am today.

While the Tatmadaw was shouldering regional security duties and carrying out mine clearing tasks along the Union Highway for the safe travel of local people, three home-made mines were found at about 7,000 metres to the southeast of Namkhine Village on the road between Kutkai and Namphatkar on 23 August and defused to protect public lives. Moreover, the Tatmadaw columns had to clear the places which were blocked by the insurgents with the use of rocks and tree branches. After leaving there to take security measures along Lashio-Hsenwi-Namphatkar Union Highway, the Tatmadaw columns removed two Wish brand private cars and one Honda Fit car burnt to block the highway, at about 2,000 metres south of Namphatkar.

For ensuring regional peace,stability and law of order and smooth transport, the Tatmadaw columns are continuing their duties with an energetic effort in cooperation with authorities concerned and Myanmar Police Force.

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