Traffic resumes on Mandalay-Lashio-Muse Union Highway, Hsenwi-Kunglon-Laukkai Highway

Traffic resumes on Mandalay-Lashio-Muse Union Highway, Hsenwi-Kunglon-Laukkai Highway

NAY PYI TAW August 26

AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents blew up roads and bridges and indiscriminately fired at residences,in Shan State (North)beginning 15 August. So, there was no stability, and some transport links to the area including Mandalay-Lashio-Muse Union Highway, one the main trade route, and Mandalay-Lashio-Kunglon-Laukkai Road were cut off.

The Tatmadaw rebuilt the bridges destroyed by insurgents for ensuring regional peace and stability and smooth transport, and took area control measures with might and main for the safety of passengers. The Ministry of Construction harmoniously reconstructed the Mantongsun Bridge, the 31st-Mile Bridge at the entrance of Narte Village and the 41st-Mile reinforced concrete bridge (Byonetaung) under the protection of the Tatmadaw,Goktwin Bridge under the protection of the Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force (MPF) with accelerated momentum. So, road transport can be re-ensured in the area.

In continuously carrying out area control operations for resuming transport, and taking security measures the Tatmadaw columns engaged with insurgents in 49 minor and major skirmishes in the surrounding areas of Mandalay-Nawnghkio-Lashio-Muse Union Highway, and four minor and major skirmishes with insurgents along Hsenwi-Kunlong-Laukkai Road.The Tatmadaw columns defused mines, and cleared road blocks and road obstacles with burnt-out light passenger buses.

As the Tatmadaw carried out the tasks for the sake of people with fighting spirit whatever dangers or hindrances it faces, Hsenwi-Kunglon-Laukkai route could be back into service within 11 days and Lashio-Hsenwi-Kutkai-Muse route within 12 days as of 15 August when the routes were blocked. At about 3 pm today,travellers and local people can pass through Mandalay-Lashio-Muse Union Highway and Hsenwi-Kunglon-Laukkai Union Highway.

Today’s travelling of people and vehicles, a total of 344 large vehicles and 70 small ones rolled from Muse to Lashio, 126 large vehicles and nine small cars from Namphatkar to Lashio, 123 large automobiles from Namphatkar to Muse, 40 large cars and 103 small ones from Laukkai to Kunglon and 18 large vehicles and 89 small ones along Hsenwi-Kunglon-Laukkai route safely.

Moreover, a total of 1,456 local displaced people taking shelter at Manhsu Monastery in Lashio respectively returned home thanks to efforts of the Tatmadaw columns in taking security measures and prevalence of law and order. There remain about 10 displaced persons at the monastery.

The Tatmadaw columns are taking necessary security measures in cooperation with  officials and members of Myanmar Police Force in order to ensure peace and stability of the region and prevalence of law and order while combing the insurgents hiding themselves along both sides of the Union Highway, performing appropriate security operations and carrying out prevalence of law and order.

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