Patriotism and culture are lifeblood of nation, the spirit to love the land, cherish the culture as a Myanmar is true national spirit, the vanishing of culture will be followed by extinction of race

Patriotism and culture are lifeblood of nation, the spirit to love the land, cherish the culture as a Myanmar is true national spirit, the vanishing of culture will be followed by extinction of race, duty of all citizens is to value, preserve and discover traditional cultural heritage

NAY PYI TAW September 2

The 18th inter-military perform-ing arts, dramatic performance, play and magic show contests organized by the Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare (DPRPW) of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) was opened at Sinphyushin Hall of the transit center in Nay Pyi Taw this morning with the aim of continuously preserving Myanmar traditional culture and fine arts, invigorating patriotism based on nationalistic fervor and pride in the heart of the nationals through fine arts, and ensuring emergence of new generation artistes after acquiring true cultural heritage from seasoned and experienced artistes and technicians.  

Present at the ceremony were Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, senior military officers of the Office of Commander-in-Chief, the commander of Nay Pyi Taw Command, judges, invited guests and servicemen and servicewomen contestants.

First, Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Myo Zaw Thein, Chairman of Psychological Affairs and Public Relations Committee, and Director of DPRPW Maj-Gen Tun Tun Nyi formally opened the performing arts, dramatic performance, play and magic show contests.

On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, Vice-Senior General Soe Win delivered the opening address. In his address, the Vice-Senior General said Myanmar dictionary defines the word “culture” as a delicate ingenuity and knowledge, improving and flourishing social standard, and traditionally preserved customs. According to Myanmar fine arts dictionary, the word “culture”  means “tender and subtle act, knowledge that can develop and change the social standard, traditionally preserved, customs, behavior and ethics, the science of producing words and performances that can give a sense of pleasure, and the management skills through the science.”  The culture of a nation is its lifeblood, in other words its standard and honour. As a saying which goes: “The vanishing of culture will be followed by the extinction of a race” experts have preserved the cultural heritage through various types of records to prevent the loss national cultural heritage, own art and fine historical traditions of the past successive periods. According to architectural designs of temples, and pagodas, palm leaf, folded papers, stone inscription records of the places where cultural heritages can be found, the standard of Myanmar culture has developed throughout the successive periods starting from Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Starting from the five Pyu bronze figures of the Pyu period to murals of the temples portraying the ceremonies of presenting religious offerings to the Buddha and Buddology, lifestyles of Bagan people, stand witness to flourishing of Myanmar culture throughout the past successive periods. Social sector of the schedule I, section 96, chapter IV of the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar stipulates the task of systematically managing the ancient culture or historical sites, buildings, monuments, records, stone inscrip-tions, ink inscriptions on stucco, palm-leaf and parabaiks, handwritings, handiworks, inanimate objects and archaeological works; museums and libraries, literature, dramatic arts, music, traditional arts and crafts, cinematographic films and videos for system.

Nowadays, the Vice-Senior General noted that it can be seen alien culture and customs are spreading across the world through rapid, modern social communication systems. Attempts are being made to infiltrate diverse cultures into entertainment and information measures with spending of large sum of money. Alien wearing and costumes as well as entertainments unsuitable for Myanmar traditions and culture which have started infiltration since last two decades are spreading in the nation. It needs to strive for removing behaviors, talks and thoughts against the Myanmar culture and characters from some new generation youths as much as possible. The Vice-Senior General urged all to pave the correct cultural way for the youths influenced by alien culture to be able to adore Myanmar traditional culture. Only when they have to adore Myanmar traditional culture and heritages, will they have spirits of safeguarding own languages and religions.

Nowadays, the Vice-Senior General said that no longer colonization and invasion with arms can be seen, adding that the Multi-Dimensional Warfare is launched to utilize the country by creating proxy state, proxy government and proxy leader. It comprises various types of politics, religions, racism, economics and entertainment. Currently, global countries are facing many destructive groups and terrorist groups which commit behind the scenes manipulations in the name of religion and racism. It is important that all national brethren need to have strong belief and concept in order to adore and safeguard the nationals with the Union Spirit. They all are Myanmar who loves own land and adores own culture with possessing the genuine nationalistic spirit in discharging a national duty as a citizen.

The Vice-Senior General continued to say that as citizens had lost nationalistic spirit as well as national cause and loyalty at a time when people turned a blind eye to religions and fine arts, various example showed the country and races had faced terrible dangers. Hence, fine arts are essential for steering mindsets of citizens on one hand to be able to successfully undertake nationbuilding tasks for modernizing the country.

In line with the motto saying that “Tatmadaw shall never betray national causes”, the Tatmadaw proves this saying with deeds, and not with words. The Tatmadaw is discharging its main duties—State defence duty, training duty and public welfare duty while preserving national characteristics and cultural heritages on one hand. It is true that patriotic spirit and culture are heart of a country. A country will be difficult to stand on culture alone in the long run without nationalistic spirit and patriotic spirit. In Myanmar history, development, peace and stability can be seen in the country in the times of State leaders who emphasized lineage, language, religion and culture. It is noticeable that if valuing the own traditional culture declines, the country will face consequent disadvantages. Especially, as valuing and preserving the own traditional cultural heritages is duty of every citizen, it should take pride of those who will participate in the today’s intermilitary performing arts, dramatic performance, play and magic show contests as part of preserving fine arts and theatrical drama heritages which are fading out.

As the inter-military performing arts, dramatic performance, play and magic show contests could be held, servicemen and servicewomen showed off higher qualification of fine arts. Moreover, it is an invaluable competition with preserving the adorable Myanmar traditional fine arts and lovely ethnic traditional dances. Moreover, when Public Relations Companies are serving entertainment duties in forward areas, they managed to perform folk dances together with local ethics and that could depict solidarity and could exchange different ethnic cultures inside the country. Especially, the companies were able to perform Myanma traditional cultural dances to the goodwill delegations coming from the international community with dignity due to  the result of the hard  work  of  the participants. Furthermore, Tatmadaw cultural troupe and Myawady Music and Anyeint Troupe took part in International Army Games-2019 and House of Friendship, showing Myanma traditional cultural performing arts, securing best prizes for singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. The qualification of Tatmadaw and Myanma cultural fine arts could be shown to the world. By preserving Myanma  traditional cultural performing arts, the dutiful good and able citizens can enhance the prestige and standard of Tatmadaw and Myanmar traditional fine arts in winning singing, dancing and music awards. Dutiful military men and military women should take pride of uplifting prestige of the Tatmadaw and unit.

In conclusion, culture is the soul of the entire people. Despite being strong in might, if the soul is defective, it is required to notice that it is not easy to survive. Jealous persons can penetrate and attack the delicate fields just like culture through those of politics, economy and social welfare using different forms from different angles and therefore it is necessary to defend and respond cautiously. Winning the chance of participating in the currently-held competitions is serving the defence duty of the State in a way. The participants should compete in Myanmar traditional cultural performing arts competition giving special consideration. The current competition is aimed at ensuring flourishing of genuine patriotism and nationalistic charac-ters and enhancing fine arts, the main tap root and enabling fine arts to exist longer. It is the chance of serving the national duty, the great noble task for the State, said Vice-Senior General Soe Win.

Next, Vice-Senior General Soe Win and those present enjoyed and cheered the song representing national prestige, Myanmarpyi choral dancing representing solidarity, the dance with song of the royal drum, the beauty of choral dancing of leading male performer, the standard time tune performed in Lao People Democratic Republic, basket choral dancing and the song representing “Only if Tatmadaw is strong, the nation be strong,” and magic shows and sleight of hand.

After the ceremony, Vice-Senior General Soe Win and party cordially greeted judges of maestros, military men and military women.

Afterward, the competitions went on. Old song competition event was held in the afternoon and Myanma coral dancing at night during which the Chief of Armed Forces Training from the Office of Commander-in-Chief (Army) and wife, the Commander of Nay Pyi Taw Command, senior military officers and wives, officers and other ranks of the local station and officers and other ranks from contending companies enjoyed and cheered.

The Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare of Office of Commander-in-Chief (Army) holds the inter-military performing arts, dramatic performance, play and magic show contests yearly together with the military men and military women from the military units. The events of old songs, contemporary songs, current songs, choral dancing, dancing, Myanma orchestra, Myanma traditional cultural choral dancing (option), dual dance, drama, modern music band, magic and composing songs will continue till 7 September.

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