Releasing the truth about incident at LoikyaukZeditaung monastery in Kutkai Township 

Releasing the truth about incident at LoikyaukZeditaung monastery in Kutkai Township 

NAY PYI TAW November 1 

Some media outlets were releasing a biased news report beginning 31 October, saying that Tatmadaw members entered LoikyaukZedit-aung monastery in Loikyauk Village, Kutkai Township, Shan State (North) on 28 October evening and beat Sayadaw U Vannita of the monastery during interrogation. 

The truth was that Tatmadaw members discharging security duties in Kutkai Township received information that TNLA insurgents concealed arms and ammunition in the monastery compound to attack and disturb Kutkai. So theyacting on information checked the monastery together with officials on 28 October evening. There they met Sayadaw U Vannita, and found uniforms bearing TNLA badges andwalkie talkie in the compound, and narcotics and accessories in abusing narcotics in the bedroom of U Vannita, photos in which he in robes or in layperson cloths, posed together with women which are against the religious rules, his photos in camouflage uniform, wigs and pornographic videos. So Tatmadaw members conducted an investigation for security reasons. 


As U Vannita began to show signs that he was on drugs, security person-nel could continue the investigation only after washing his face and pouring some water on him. During the investigation, he threatened and berated the officials conducting the investigation. So, there was a quarrel between him and the investigators. After inspecting him, officials of the Tatmadaw reported the whole case together with materials that were not appropriate for a Buddhist monk and other items and photos that were against the Vinaya, which were seized from him, as evidences to Chairman of Kutkai Township Sangha Nayaka Committee Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sunada. In response, Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sunanda said that if he committed such acts again, a lawsuit should be filed against him for tarnishing the Sasana. The Sayadaw also told the Tatmadaw members to inform the Sangha Committee first, and stay away from inflicting physical harm on a suspect in case such incident occurred again. 

Moreover members of Palaung culture committee of Kutkai were called for and shown the materials that were not appropriate for a Buddhist monk, things that might be connected with insurgents and documentary photos found from U Vannita. 


The Tatmadaw will conduct a necessary inquiry into the matter, and will take action in accord with the procedures if any weakness in observing the military rules is found. 

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