Tatmadaw (Navy) holds Combined Fleet Exercise-Sea Shield 2017


Nay Pyi Taw March 31

Because of its location Myanmar has an over 1300-mile coastline.Hence the Navy’s duty to protect the Myanmar seas is enormous. Army,Navy, Air combined operation is important as the Navy alone is not enough to carry out this duty. The advantages and weaknesses of the exercise will be reviewed for the greater effectiveness of the future exercises, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in addressing senior naval officers,commanding officers-COs, officers and other ranks of the Combined Fleet Exercise-Sea Shield 2017.

Wearing the naval uniform in honour of the Navy, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing accompanied by Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Commander-in-Chief(Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San,Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Khin Aung Myint and the senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief observed the Combined Fleet Exercise-Sea Shield 2017 held in Myanmar waters (Coco Island region) this morning from observation naval vessel-Aung Zeya.

First the Senior General and party heard a report on the exercise presented by the naval division commander on duty of naval division who was the leader of the exercise,and gave the verbal offensive order on war vessel-Aung Zeya. Afterwards,the commander and Cos returned to their respective warships and conducted the exercise in accord with the program.

NAVY SEALs gave a demonstration of raiding an enemy-seized passenger and trading ship and rescuing hostages by using four fast patrol crafts and three helicopters.In so doing, a helicopter flew near the craft to divert the attention of terrorists. Meanwhile, NAVY SEALs troops approached the ship in fast patrol crafts, and at the same time, two helicopters shot down the terrorists and provided covering fire.Then NAVY SEALs troops from the helicopters went down onto the ship with fast rope,and other NAVY SEALs troops from fast patrol crafts climbed onto the vessel with rope ladder, using anchor launcher. And they raided into the passenger cabin.

NAVY SEALs troops from a helicopter rescued the crew members and troops from another helicopter rescued two hostages with spie rope. They then saluted the Senior General who was enjoying the exercise. Then, they made sure there was no mine and no enemy left in the cabin. But mines planted by the enemy went off, and some NAVY SEALs troops and crew members were injured. They were rescued with two fast patrol crafts. A NAVY SEALs mine clearing soldier jumped down from the vessel just as the mines exploded and troops from a helicopter rescued him with hoist.

Then, the exercise of extinguishing the burning passenger ship with two military tugboats was conducted.Then, helicopters and fast patrol crafts which took part in the exercise saluted the Senior General.

It was followed by the exercise of helicopters taking off and landing on war vessel-Aung Zeya, and the commanding officer of NAVY SEALs troops who participated in the exercise reported to the Senior General.

Then, naval clearance operation exercise was carried out according to naval strategy and war vessels sailed in Formation-5. Upon receiving information about the enemy’s submarine, four war vessels separated from the main fl eet, and carried out underwater clearance operation, which is annihilating the enemy’s submarine with RDC,LDC, torpedo, underwater bombs and at the same time, the main fleet changed its movement format to Cruising C Formation. While receiving information about the enemy's air raids, the main fleet changed into the direction of Arrow Head Formation and practically fired weapons at enemy high-speed watercrafts. Next, officers and other ranks aboard the high-speed watercrafts who participated in the exercise saluted the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services. They then continued conducting their exercise by firing aerial defence weapons at enemy aircrafts and fired artilleries at enemy reconnaissance watercrafts which emerged unexpectedly. In order to crush the enemy’s main fl eet, which is the last target, the naval troops changed into Formation-10 and conducted electronic operation and exercises of firing missiles and main artilleries.

On completion of the exercise,the participating war vessels saluted the Senior General aboard war vessel-Aung Zeya under fleet review.

The Commander-in-Chief (Navy) presented a commemorative gift to the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) and the Commander-in-Chief (Air). The Senior General gave a review and feedback on the exercise to the commanding officers,officers and other ranks who participated in Combined Fleet Exercise-Sea Shield 2017.

The Senior General said the exercise was successful as the participants were able to perform on a timely basis and carried out assaults on the agenda of the exercise, adding that he praised all participating officers and other ranks, including the Commander-in-Chief (Navy),who led the exercise. Enduring training will only achieve victory on battleground. Military manoeuvre and firepower are most important in combat power. The Tatmadaw (Navy) itself must be good at manoeuvre, speed and firepower. Accordingly, military watercrafts were built with better manoeuvre and firepower. Likewise, in infantry units victory can be achieved only through familiarity to battlefield.For a naval unit also, it must be able to be familiar with and control the whole water territory.With regard to cooperation power, the Senior General said army, navy and air force combined operation power can be seen in modern wars. He quoted his speech delivered at the Armed Forces Day,saying that it needs to try hard to build the Tatmadaw to have capability for joining the 21st Century modern war. The military exercise included navy and helicopter corps from the air force. The Senior General stressed the need to apply the army, navy and air combined operation ideology and to manage and take practice for the army,navy and air combined military operations.

Then, the Senior General pointed out that strength of nation lies only within the country. Support of the people is “power”, and public cooperation “power” is better than support. The people play a key role not only in military affairs but also in leadership of the government, nation-building tasks and all development tasks of the nation. The Senior General urged all to seek the “cooperation power of the people”. Emphasis must be placed on taking the cooperation power of the people.

Then, the Senior General presented cash award to the officers and other ranks who participated in the exercise. Reporters from local media covered news on process of combined fl eet exercise by Frigate Aung Zeya.

With the aim of perpetuating sovereignty of water territory and air space of the State and enabling war vessels of Tatmadaw (Navy) to have three-point readiness for skillful combating in four operation fields,the Combined Fleet Exercise-Sea Shield 2017 has been organized since 2014. Today’s exercise was the fourth time of its kind, with participation of 28 various kinds of war vessels and helicopters and more than 1,400 officers and other ranks. Taking practice of fire power and practical maneuvers in the combined exercises at seas will help war vessels and Tatmadawmen improve their capability.

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