Large haul of arms, ammunition and narcotic drugs seized again in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township 

Large haul of arms, ammunition and narcotic drugs seized again in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township 

NAY PYI TAW March 7 

In connection with the seizures of narcotic drugs, equipment used in producing narcotics and precursor materials worth over Ks-93 billion in and around Kaungkha and Lwekham villages in Kutkai Township, Shan State (North) from 28 February and 5 March, security troops are continuing to conduct regional security and searches around the areas. 

From a single-story brick house in Lwekham Village at about 8.30 am today, the security troops seized four M-16,.30 two carbines, one air gun, three Winchester guns, one M-22, one gun (type of gun still under scrutiny), five Roni G1 carbine kit for pistols, 7 assorted pistols, one MAC-11 sub machine gun, 23 rounds of 7.62 bullets, 345 rounds of 5.56 bullets, six rounds of carbine bullets, 850 rounds of Winchester bullets, 143 rounds of M-22 bullets, 5,634 rounds of 9mm bullets (white and yellow), nine rounds of 40mm anti-rocket launcher(HE) (type 69), one RPG rocket, 10 rounds of RPG rocket shells, 101 rounds of 9mm bullets (Luga), 50 rounds of .38 inch bullets, 109 rounds of M-25 pistol bullets, 360 rounds of 7.62 pistol bullets, 25 rounds of .22 inch bullets (short), 21 rounds of 357 MAG revolver bullets, 55 assorted grenades, three 5.56 cartridges, three M-22 cartridges, five M-16 cartridges, 17 pistol cartridges, eight machine gun cartridges, 93,000 stimulant tablets of various kinds, 43,000 grams of heroin powder, 4,800 grams of brown opium powder and 21 soap boxes each of which contains about 10 grams of heroin. All were seized ownerless. 

According to investigation, the single-story brick building is owned by U Kyin Phu, son of U Kyin Kya Htan living in Ward (12), Region (12), Lashio. The house construction started in 2016 and finished in 2017. He used to live in the house sometimes and about three or four house guards were hired. He reportedly stayed in the house before 24 January 2020 until before the Chinese New Year. When security forces began a search in areas near Lwekham Village, house guards fled from the scene. 

While security forces continue the search, it was learnt at about 12.30 pm that there were buildings in Lwekham Village owned by U Kyin Phu. Security forces conducted a search in a one-story brick building with a cellar and a garage seized 20 M-22s of different kinds, 6 pistols of different kinds, 1 RPG launcher, 90 rounds of .22 bullets, 120 rounds of .25 bullets, 5 rounds of .38 bullets, 33 rounds of 5.56 bullets, 104 rounds of 7.62 bullets, 114 rounds of 9 mm bullets, 142 rounds of lead balls for airgun, 3 grenades, 100 rounds of 12 Bolt bullets, three 40mm rocket (HE), 26 M-22 cartridges, 4 pistol cartridges, one explosive fuse wire, 320 kilograms of Dithiooxamide 92%, 150 kilograms of Washing Soda/Sodium Carbonate, 315 kilograms of Kitmane/Ice, 9,000 grams of brown opium, 80 kilograms of Sodium Acetate trihydrate, 29 plastic barrels of Methyl Phenylacetale, 23 five-gallon barrels of different acids, one heroin block maker,  one digital scale, three kilo scales, 9 vehicles of different kinds and one motorbike. 
During the period from 28 February to today, members of security forces seized 43,918,000 stimulant tablets of various kinds, 170,350 grams of heroin, 94,800 grams of brown opium, 1.6 grams of heroin block, 2,650 grams of stimulant tablet powder and 327.5 kilograms of ICE totally worth Ks- 103 billion including Ks-102 billion for narcotic drugs and Ks- 1 billion for equipment used in narcotic drug production and precursor chemicals. 
Concerning the seizures of narcotic drugs, weapons and ammunitions, measures will be taken to arrest main culprits and those involved in accordance with rules and regulations and security forces will conduct security measures and searches. 


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