Narcotic drugs, related materials used in drug production worth over Ks-113 billion seized in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township

Narcotic drugs, related materials used in drug production worth over Ks-113 billion seized in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township

Nay Pyi Taw March 9

Security forces continue security measures and are searching around Kaungkha and Lwekham villages in Kutkai Township of Shan State (North) where narcotic drugs, materials used in producing the drugs and related precursors worth about Ks-130 billion were seized from 28 February to 8 March.

In this regard, 54,000,000 pink stimulant tablets bearing WY label, 1,266,000 pink stimulant tablets bearing 88/1 label, and about five kilograms of ephedrine powder (at an estimated amount of more than Ks-110 billion) were seized from a warehouse built of brick with corrugated iron sheets in Lwekham Village, owned by U Cham Bawm, son of U Bawm Cham who evaded from Lwekham Village in Kutkai Township at about 8.15 am today.

Likewise, the security forces searched a one-storey building owned by U Sho Pah, son of U Sho El, who fled away at about 1 pm today and seized 1,844,000 stimulant tablets bearing WY , 88/1 and R labels, 2,420 grams of heroin, 300 grams of heroin blocks, eight kilograms of ICE, 14 bags of bone charcoal, 31 bags of sodium carbonate, two and a half bags of sodium hydroxide, 200 boxes of potassium chloride powder, 25 blue containers of sulfuric acid, 11 plastic barrels of acid, 440 (small) white bottles with handle of acid, about 6,000 multi-coloured empty soap cases, five large iron bowls to keep tablets dried, five tablet counting machines, 41 barrels equipped with assorted glass tubes, 17 large boxes of glass tubes, six large gas cylinders, 160 gas stoves, 150 gas pipe nozzles, 20 reels of about 10 feet long bronze gas pipes, two large steel steamed pots, 69 iron barrels of acid, 24 small boxes of assorted glass tubes, (at an estimated amount of more than Ks-3.9 billion) and (19 kinds of related equipment worth more than Ks-6.9 million.

The narcotic drugs exposed and seized by the security forces in Kutkai Township from 28 February to date were 110,751,000 assorted stimulant tablets, 192,700 grams of heroin, 271,000 grams of morphine, 1.6 kilograms of heroin block, 16 kilos of opium oil extract, 2,650 grams of stimulant tablet powder, 10 kilograms of raw opium and 373.5 kilograms of ICE totally valued at more than Ks-242.9 billion and 129 kinds of related equipment used in drug production worth more than Ks-1.5 billion, which totally amounted to more than Ks-244 billion.

Concerning the seizures of narcotic drugs, measures will be taken to arrest main culprits and those who involved in the cases in accordance with rules and regulations, and the security forces continue regional security measures and searches around the area.

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