AA terrorists fire at operation trucks and WFP trucks carrying utensils and food for locals of Paletwa area


AA terrorists fire at operation trucks and WFP trucks carrying utensils and food for locals of Paletwa area

Nay Pyi Taw April 30

News on the arrival of food andutensils, provided by Chin State Government and WFP and foodstuff donated by the Tatmadaw for local people of Paletwa area in Chin State, at Paletwa on 28 April 2020 amidst the road damages caused by bad weather and disturbances made by AA terrorists, thanks to the untiring efforts of security forces; the transfer of the aids to the officials on 29 April; and the continued transportation of the remaining supplies was released, and they were transported on 29 April evening.

Due to the situation of the road and security concerns, 31 operation trucks rolled in the front, and were closely followed by five six-wheel trucks of WFP. The journey was under the systematic protection of security forces on the trucks and along the road. When the trucks arrived at a place about 10,000 metres west of Hsamee, AA terrorists intentionally targeted the WFP trucks in the rear and fired them with heavy weapons and small arms. The security forces on the cars and the road fired back and the terrorists fled in disarray.

U Win Ko Aung, son of U Aung Soe Myint of Pakokku of WFP suffered cuts in the face as he was hit by pieces of the broken front windshield. The fuel tank and the front windshield of the sixwheel truck with plate No. YGN-2C- 3916 he was driving were damaged by small arms fire. The front/ back windshields, doors, wheels and the bodies of other four carswere also damaged by small arms fire.

Despite the damage, the supplies and rations were successfully transported to the headquarters of local battalion in Paletwa at about 4.30 pm this evening due to proper security measures taken for forward march and the effective counterattack of security forces, and themedic of the security forces treated the injured driver of the WFP, U Win Ko Aung.

AA terrorists deliberately committed terrorist act by blowing up mines and attacking six trucks of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) transporting supplies to Maungtaw region at the junction of Maha Muni Pagoda near Kyaukkyat Village in Kyauktaw Township with small arms on 27 June 2019 and a vehicle with the WHO logo transporting samples of swap of suspected COVID-19 patients to Yangon beyond Ramong Bridge near Minywa Village in Minbya Township on 20 April 2020 with the aim of hampering the efforts of organizations contributing to regional development.

Security forces have continued to take necessary security measures for stability and smooth transportation in Paletwa area to deliver supplies and rations to the hands of local residents.

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