Tatmadaw mobile medical teams conduct healthcare for over 400,000 local people in 2018


Nay Pyi Taw December 14

In accord with the word “Arojam Paramam Labham” health is wealth. Good health is required for every person regardless of the age to do well in education, business and meditation. The Tatmadaw is carrying out social undertakings in addition to its national defence and security duties. In accord with the directive of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services to give serious attention to healthcare of the people regardless of their race and religion the Tatmadaw mobile medical teams are touring various regions and states to provide healthcare services for ethnic races. In so doing, the mobile teams are formed with specialist surgeons, medics,officer nurses and other rank nurses. The teams are visiting various places of the country where they are needed together with mobile operation theatres, mobile x-raying vehicles,mobile diagnosis equipment, mobile dental treatment equipment, and by river-cruising hospital vessel and sea-going hospital vessel.

In so doing, Tatmadaw mobile specialist teams went to Sedoktara and Salin townships in Magway Region, Pasawng and Pruhso townships in Kayah State while river-cruising hospital vessel Shwepazun wandered in Yangon and Ayeyawady regions and seagoing hospital vessel Thanlwin in Yangon, Ayeyawady and Taninthayi regions and Rakhine State to provide medical check-up and healthcare services to 40,149 local people in 2018. Moreover, surgical operations were successfully performed on three pregnant women aboard sea-going hospital vessel Thanlwin to give birth. And, a total of 142 patients were arranged to receive medical treatment at nearby military hospitals in respective military commands.

From 2016 to date, Tatmadaw medical doctors, of their own accord, have been discharging duties at 22 hospitals in far-flung areas of Sagaing Region, Chin State and Naga Self-Administered Zone which need medical doctors, with poor transport facilities and less development of health sector. They are fulfilling health requirements of local people.

Moreover, Tatmadaw mobile medical teams under the command headquarters are frequently providing healthcare services to each region and state. In 2018, they offered medical services to a total of 373,686 local people in 1,347 field trips, conducting medical examinations and spreading healthcare knowledge.

The Tatmadaw provided medical care to more than 400,000 people in 2018. Thanks to modern mobile operation vehicles, including vehicles equipped with X–ray machine, and senior specialist surgeons, the teams were able to offer services to emergency patients in time, take them to the nearest Tatmadaw hospitals and save their lives and their parts of organs. The teams also successfully helped deliver babies by caesarian section.The Tatmadaw is putting continuous effortsinto offering extensive medical services in an attempt to promote public healthcare.

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