Tatmadaw columns in hot pursuit of and crushing AA terrorists who committed terrorist acts


Tatmadaw columns in hot pursuit of and crushing AA terrorists who committed terrorist acts

NAY PYI TAW February 10

The information about the incidents in which a clash broke out between four AA  terrorists, who beat and tried to rape a woman and other village women who tried to save the victim at Theindan Village, Phayapyin Theindan Village-tract, Buthidaung Township, Rakhine State on 31 January; about 30 AA terrorists arrived at the village and threatened to block and burn down the village; AA terrorists forced the village to watch out their planted mines and to compensate Ks-1 million for each mine in case if accidently explodes; AA terrorists took away the women who faced attempted rape the day before, two female witnesses and ten-household heads of the village, and coerced them into denying AA terrorist activities and also into signing and fingerprinting the  false statements which were also video recorded; abductees fled to other places as they dared not return to their village for fear of their life although they were released; village  elders conveyed a letter for help to the Tatmadaw columns on 1 February as they were worried of the AA intimidations including extortions and forced stockpiling of rations;  and the Tatmadaw columns immediately came to Theindan Village and provided security and healthcare, have already been released for the public on 2 February and explained at a Tatmadaw press conference on 3 February.

As Tatmadaw military columns were on a hot pursuit of AA terrorists who abducted the people from Theindan Village on 1 February, a clash between the Tatmadaw columns and AA terrorists broke out near Aungzeya Village on the eastern bank of Mayu River, about 10,000 metres southeast of Theindan Village on 2 February. Some dead bodies and arms were seized, and AA terrorists retreated to the northward.

In besieging those retreated AA terrorists, the Tatmadaw military columns engaged with AA terrorists in three sites between Kwantaung and Sapahta villages, east of Saidin  Creek and 5,000 metres east of Theindan Village starting from the morning of 10 February. As the Tatmadaw columns systematically performed attacks in synchronization with use of aviation and heavy weapon supporting fire because strengths of the terrorists were larger in the clashes, AA terrorists suffered awful loss. Some dead bodies and arms were seized from the terrorists again. In the incident, the groups in which some terrorist leaders were assumed to be involved fled away by crossing Saidin Creek by boat.

Such a boat sank during shootout. In the incidents, seized dead bodies of terrorists were systematically cremated, and detailed security measures are being taken at the occupied areas.

In order to reinforce the AA terrorists suffering awful losses in attacks of the Tatmadaw columns, more AA terrorists arrived at the hills near Uyintar Village, north of Kwantaung Village where the clashes happened.

Hence, the Tatmadaw columns control their movements and are combating them in an effective way with the use of aviation and heavy weapon supporting fire.

AA terrorists have committed acts of sabotage against the government machinery in Rakhine State, abducting, intimidating , killing and torturing Hluttaw representatives, township and village administrators, government employees, war veterans, and innocent people, robbing public funds of the government including salaries of government employees, collecting money and supplies from local people, illegal drug trafficking, attacking Tatmadaw columns by using locals as human shields and planting and blowing up mines. Recently, they have started creating misunderstanding about the Tatmadaw and the government in the international community by attempting to bring fighting to Bangali villages. With such senseless terrorist acts, they have rebelled against the government, jeopardizing the stability of the entire region and forcing local residents to worry every day. Abhorring their acts and placing their trust in the Tatmadaw, the public ask the Tatmadaw for help.

Risking lives of its members, the Tatmadaw is defeating AA terrorists for regional stability, the rule of law and safeguarding the lives and property of the public.

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