More narcotic drugs, related materials used in drug production seized in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township


More narcotic drugs, related materials used in drug production seized in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township

Nay Pyi Taw March 11

Security measures and searches continued around Kaungkha Village and near Lwekham Village in Kutkai Township of Shan State (North), where narcotic drugs, materials used in producing the drugs and related precursors worth over Ks-267 billion were seized from 28 February to 10 March.

From the basement of a single-story brick building owned by U Wan Tar Jone, son of U Wan Chun, who fled from LwekhamVillage, at about 10.15 am today, security troops seized one M-16 5.56mm M4A1 sniper rifle, one M-16 5.56mm assault rifle, one M-16 M4A1 gun, one .308 sniper rifle, one 12 bolt Remington gun, two 7.62 mm assault rifle type-56 guns, one 7.62mm assault rifle M-22 gun, two 40 mm rocket launchers (M-7), 65 rounds of M4 A1 sniper 5.56 bullets, 11 rounds of .308 sniper 7.62 mm bullets, two rounds of RPG shells, 21 RPG shells, 65 rounds of 12 bolt bullets, 310 rounds of 7.62x39 bullets, 23 rounds of 7.62 bullets, 156 rounds of 5.56 bullets, 218 assorted grenades, 15 assorted M-22 cartridges, two 5.56 mm cartridges, three M4A1 sniper cartridges, four .308 sniper barrel cleaning rods, one 308 sniper string, one 308 sniper elbow wear piece and one additional 308 sniper scope rail and arrested two watchmen.

Again from the basement of the garage in the house compound at about 12.30 pm, the security troops seized, four M-22 guns, one pistol, 1100 rounds of 5.56 bullets, 21 40mm grenade launchers, 415 rounds of Winchester bullets, 800,000 stimulant tablets, 22 soap boxes (0.22 kilo of heroin) 18 packets of ketamine, 10 kilos of opium residues, 55 kilos of caffeine,44 bags of tartaric acid, 7 bags of bone charcoal (140 kilos), 190 bottles of Ammonia Water, 20 bottles of Sodium Acetate (500 grams), 79 bottles of Ammonian Chloride, 121 bottles of Sodium hydroxide, seven containers of ethanol acid with each container containing five gallons, 28 tablet pressing rods, 5 packaging machines, 34 gas cylinders, 3 trays used for drying stimulant tablets, 14 pressure tanks, 7 digital scales, 6 funnels, 3 glass steamers, five iron buckets, two tablet blinders, one tablet-making machine, four gas masks, and a VIGO 4 Wheel Double Cab.

Around 2 pm, 2,480,000 stimulant tablets with WY and 88/1 labels, 50 kilos of Dicyclohexylacetic acid powder, 20 kilos of Polypropylene acid powder, 120 kilograms of Trifluoracetophenone acid powder, one bag of bone charcoal (30 kilograms), 300 kilos of Talcpowder, 9 kilos of Ethyll Maltol, 30 kilos of red powder, 29 barrels of acid and 15 five-galloncapacity containers of acid were seized from the ware house and basement in LwekhamVillage owned by U Sein Win, a resident of Shaukhaw Village in Kutkai Township who has been on the run.

Security forces also seized three tablet-making machines, 15 glass tubes, seven funnels, 2,150 kilos of Ammonian Chloride, 75 kilos of Sodium hydroxide, two tablet blenders, 24 blue-colored bags used for packing tablets, three steel funnels, 20 aluminum hoppers, 3 steel hoppers, six iron hoppers and three five-gallon-capacity containers of engine oil hidden under sand and gravel bags near the piles of sand and gravels beside the fish lake owned by U Liu Pa, the son of U Liu El, who has ran away from Lwekham Village in Kutkai Township, around 3.30 pm.

From 28 February to date, 124,977,000 various types of stimulant tablets, 192.92 kilos of heroin, 271 kilos of brown opium, 1.6 kilograms of heroin blocks, 16 kilos of opium oil extract, 2.65 kilograms of broken stimulant tablets, 10 kilos of raw opium, 433.5 kilograms of ICE, with total estimated value of over Ks-272 billion, and the market price of 185 kinds of related equipment used in producing drugs are over Ks-1 billion, and the seizure totaled over Ks-274 billion.

Measures will be taken in line with procedures to arrest the main suspects and accomplices, and security forces will continue regional security measures and searching in the area.

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