AA terrorists attack advanced military training depot in Minbya, suffer heavy casualties in violent counter-attacks and forced to retreat


AA terrorists attack advanced military training depot in Minbya, suffer heavy casualties in violent counter-attacks and forced to retreat

Nay Pyi Taw March 23

Around 300 AA terrorists attacked the advanced military training depot of Tatmadaw in Minbya Township, Rakhine State from around 6 am to 11 am today using heavy weapons.

The AA terrorists’ attempt to carry out sneak attacks on the advanced training depot from five directions at about 6 am was repulsed by the depot. Due to the strong and systematic defensive of the depot, terrorists suffered heavy casualties and retreated in small groups in disorder at about 11 am.

AA terrorists using stronger forces attempted to surround and occupy the military outpost on Meewa hill for more than 40 days from 5 February to 14 March. However, due to bold defensive of Tatmadaw soldiers who risked their lives, and timely supporting fire and reinforcements, the AA terrorists were not able to take control of Meewa outpost and surrounding area, but were forced to retreat after suffering heavy casualties.

The AA terrorists, viewing the local advanced military training depot in Minbya, which is a non-combatant unit, as a weak place, and carried out sneak attack to occupy it. Tatmadaw already  eported on 17 March that Maung Khin Win, 27, son of U Maung Chay from Che Village and two other villagers trespassed into the restricted training and security area of the advanced military training depot around 2 pm on 16 March, 2020, and Maung Khin Win was injured after stepping on a mine.  Officials of the depot provided assistance for him, and warned the village officials to make sure no one enters the restricted area again. Soldiers fired warning shots after around seven persons wearing plain clothes approached to the security post at about 3 pm on 21 March. Blood stains and the trail believed to be left by dragging of the injured, and 36 M-22 bullets and a phone cover were found in the detailed search of the scene.

Besides those two incidents, there were also reports of planned attacks by the AA terrorists, all the officers and other ranks and families of the depot headquarters gave special attention to security, and prepared defence around the depot.

AA terrorists infiltrated through such villages which are close to the depot as Oboe Taung, Taung Boke Kay, May Lun, Chaungnet, Ahaung Taung, Kyar-in-taung, Kanni, and Che, and launched simultaneous attacks on the depot headquarters around 6 am today from five directions. When AA terrorists launched attacks, weather conditions limited the visibility to provide air support. The AA terrorists carried out heavy weapon attacks from near Oboe Taung Village to the north the advanced military training depot, before launching simultaneous attacks from the east, south and west of the depot.

As the depot has security plans, troops inside the depot took up defensive position once the AA terrorists launched attacks. The terrorists therefore could not move forward, but suffered from strong defensive firing, counterattack and support fire by the depot. The depot headquarters made real-time reports of the enemy attack to higher-level departments, and carried out fierce counter-attacks. The higher-level departments immediately arranged air support, artillery support, fire support and reinforcements.

While the reinforcements were marching to the scene, due to the systematic defensive attack by the commandant, officers and other ranks and their families, effective fire support and firing, and counter-attacks by assault troops formed as an auxiliary force at the depot, the AA terrorists that attacked from the east of the depot retreated around 9 am, that attacked from the south and west of the depot retreated around 11 am. Bodies and ammunition were left at the scenes as they retreated. A few terrorists were left behind to disrupt Tatmadaw forces as other terrorists fled carrying many others who were injured. Ground troops are pursuing the retreating AA terrorists in order to prevent them from gathering again to launch attacks. Tatmadaw will effectively annihilate them with air support, artillery support, and support fire. Tatmadaw got 15 dead bodies of AA terrorists and 15 assorted weapons including a China-made medium machine gun and an RPG. Some officers and soldiers sacrificed their lives for the country, and some were injured, but all of their families were safe.

Due to the capability of Tatmadaw personnel conducting counter-insurgency operations with immense courage at the risk of their lives for independence and sovereignty of the country, rule of law and stability in Rakhine State, the AA terrorists, despite their several attempts to military headquarters and outposts in Rakhine State, were not able to occupy any headquarters and outpost to date, but have had to retreat with heavy casualties and injuries. It is reported that parents and students are being forced to flee as the AA terrorists are conscripting child soldiers and students who  ave taken matriculation examination in order to replenish their forces; and local residents are  uffering from desperate troubles and want to accept AA terrorists no longer but fear and loathe them now.   

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