Thanks to Tatmadaw’s security measures, Paletwa transportation routes reopen, supplies arrive for local people

Thanks to Tatmadaw’s security measures, Paletwa transportation routes reopen, supplies arrive for local people

Nay Pyi Taw  April  20

With intent to disrupt Paletwa-Mizoram road construction project and Paletwa bridge construction tasks for the development of Paletwa region in Chin State, AA terrorists have been committing destructing acts and planting mines in the region since early 2019. Clashes broke out near Point 904, Point 886 and Myeikwa slowing regional commodity flow and sparking high commodity prices. As rice prices become far higher than normal, local people, departmental staffs and displaced people are facing difficulty with their meals. For the convenience of service personnel and local people, Tatmadaw donated 100 bags of rice each stockpiled for soldiers and their families from the regional battalion headquarters on 14 March and 15 April. Press releases on donations were reported on 15 March and 15 April.

Tatmadaw has been making efforts to ensure the rule of law and reopen the transportation routes in Paletwa since early March. While trying to open 37 miles long Kyauktaw-Paletwa transportation routes (including roads and water routes) and the 43 miles long between Hsamee-Paletwa road, Tatmadaw troops confronted clashes with AA terrorists frequently. Efforts were made to transport foodstuffs provided by the Chin State Government and NGOs for the local people through Matupi Town of Chin State. But, the transport of the supplies was stopped in Hsamee Town. As Tatmadaw tightened security along the route, the supplies reached Seinsanwa Village on the evening of 16 April through Hsamee. Upon arrival of the supplies, the Tatmadaw troops again confronted clashes with the AA terrorists in the places southeast, east and north of Paletwa. The convoy of trucks carrying those supplies had to stop for a while at the security camp in Seinsanwa Village, and Tatmadaw columns took necessary regional security and stability measures. Under the arrangement of the military headquarters on the frontline, the transport of the supplies continued on 19 April and they arrived safely in Paletwa in the afternoon.

A total of 830 bags of rice, 200 viss of edible oil, 750 viss of onions, 300 viss of potatoes and 18 boxes of assorted medicines donated by Chin State Government and NGOs for local residents, civil staff and internally displaced persons were systematically handed over to officials in Paletwa on 19 April evening.

Concerning the incident, fake news was reported on the internet and websites that the Tatmadaw convoy transporting the aids was harried by AA terrorists. As Tatmadaw columns were taking security measures for the convoy carrying aids along the road, AA terrorists were not able to attack the convoy, which arrived at its destination without any hindrance. The Tatmadaw has been taking measures for internal security, stability and safe and smooth transportation in Paletwa area.

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