Tatmadaw True News Information Team meets the press

Tatmadaw True News Information Team meets the press

Nay Pyi Taw May 22

Secretary of the Tatmadaw True News Information Team Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun, on behalf of the team, met the press, and explained the current situation and Tatmadaw’s measures against COVID-19 and also answered the questions of reporters at Defence Services Museum here this afternoon.

Before the start of the press meet, officials of the Directorate of Medical Services of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) measured the body temperature of the media persons, who took seats in accordance with the designated space between them in asking questions.

First, Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun explained the Tatmadaw issuance of the Statement on Ceasefire and Eternal Peace on 9 May. He said the Ceasefire is in force in all areas, except from places where terrorist organizations declared by the government exist, for over three months during the period from 10 May to 31 August. He then explained the engagements with AA terrorists in the northern parts of Rakhine State and Paletwa area, the bloc-kage of roads and waterways to Paletwa by AA terrorists, Tatmadaw’s endeavours to ensure security and smooth transport for locals and to send food and medicines. He said some trucks of WFP were damaged and a driver was wounded as the AA terrorists shot at the food supply convoy. As the WFP trucks could not continue their journey because of the bad weather, Tatmadaw had to deliver the goods to the destination. Because of the information that is not in conformity with the actual situation, special care will be needed in carrying out such activities in the future.

Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun said COVID-19 has impacts on the strength of the nation and the people, production, economic, political and social sectors and defence prowess. Hence, the Tatmadaw is cooperating with all organizations in rendering a helping hand in all necessary areas, regardless of race and religion, as a national and State’s concern. The anti-COVID-19 hospital equipment bought with the funds contri-buted by all the Tatmadaw members including the Commander-in-Chief of  Defence Services from their mon-thly salaries have been distributed to the people’s hospitals in the respective military command areas. He then explained the donations made by the Tatmadaw for UWSA (Wa) and KIO/KIA groups, apart from the people and further donation programmes.

In his clarifications, Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun said harvesting time of seasonal crops including of potato, tomato and cabbage was in March in Nyaungshwe, Inlay, Naungtaya, Pinlaung and Tikyi areas of Pa-O Self-Administered Zone in Shan State (South). But, locals were facing hardships as they could not sell their crops as trade and commodity flow came to a halt due to COVID-19. So, the Tatmadaw bought their produce at the prices fixed by them. It will continue this practice in the interest of the locals facing difficulties to sell their crops. He also explained the awareness campaigns and medicine and medical equipment donations for remote areas, continued operations of the factories and workshops of the Myanmar Economic Corporation and the Myanmar Economic Hold-ings Public Limited in accordance with the prescribed rules, manufactur-ing of hazmat suits for disinfection sprayers and hand gels at the factories, and plans to produce PPEs in accord with the bio safety level. He then answered the questions raised by reporters of the respective news outlets.

Thirty-one reporters of local news agencies, dailies, journals, local TV stations and local-based foreign news agencies totalling 22 news outlets gathered news at the press meet.

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