Passing-out Parade of 22nd Intake of Defence Services Technological Academy held


Passing-out Parade of 22nd Intake of Defence Services Technological Academy held

Nay Pyi Taw  December  7

With technological progress in various fields nowadays, countries around the world are facing a lot of challenges. As technologies are academic techniques of realizing imaginations for practical application without limits, competitions and challenges are arising uninterruptedly. As  technological progress has gathered momentum with the speedy flow of information nowadays, the gap between developed countries and underdeveloped countries may lead to the undermining or loss of sovereignty. Therefore, it can be seen that countries around the world are building modern armed forces based on technologies in competition, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the Passing-out Parade of the 22nd Intake of the Defence Services Technological Academy at the parade ground of the Defence Services Technological Academy in PyinOoLwin this morning.

Also present at the ceremony were Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Zeya Kyawhtin Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Zeya Kyawhtin Maung Maung  Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of Commander-in-Chief (Army), the commandant of the Defence Services Technological Academy and senior military officers from PyinOoLwin Station.

First, the Senior General took the salute of the graduate cadet battalions and presented the Best Cadet Award to Cadet No. 7704 Cadet Tun Hlaing Win, Excellent Award in Training to Cadet No. 7712 Cadet Naing Lin Oo and Excellent Award in Studies to Cadet No. 7810 Cadet Arnt Maw  Hein.

In his address, the Senior General said our Tatmadaw has significant historical tradition as there is evolutional historical background for each and every living and non-living thing on earth. Since its establishment, our Tatmadaw has been organized with noble patriotic spirit for the purpose of regaining the independence, which our nation lost, together with the hands of nationalities. It is also the strongest dutiful institution which performs respective historical duties with ultimate sacrifice for ages as it was established as People’s Tatmadaw with union-born nationalities’ posterities.

Along with the history of Myan-mar Tatmadaw, military engineering force had a good historic tradition of fighting against insurgents to defend the union after regaining the independence. In 1949, military engineer force fought bravely with available strength, weapons and ammunition to reoccupy PyinOo-Lwin which was captured by KNDO insurgents. In these battles, the gallant action of Ma Chit Po, the spouse of Corporal Hla Maung from military engineering training school was historically significant. Being a good better half of a soldier, she fought with martyr heroic spirit and sacrificed at risk of her life for the sake of the country in critical situation.

By doing so, on 8 April 1949, she sacrificed her life for the country. For her bravery and courage, Ma Chit Po was awarded “Thura” title honoured by the State and became a role model of Military Engineering Force in 1950. Thura Ma Chit Po was the only woman who won the “Thura” title and recorded significant courage and bravery of Military Engineering Force as well as military personnel.

As the honour of bravery and courage of Military Engineering Force, the date 24th February 1949 on which PyinOoLwin was recaptured from KNDO was defined as “Military Engineering Force Day”. Therefore, in the history of engineering force, PyinOoLwin is not only an honoured town but also a significantly unique region which produces brave and mighty engineers. Thus, there was a historical record of Military Engineer warriors from Myanmar Tatmadaw who had the excellent record of not only technical skill but also bravery and courage.

Nowadays, I would like to urge you, military engineers, to be proficient not only in military engineering subjects but also in essential military tactics to be able to fight courageously like infantry warriors.

Nowadays, it can be seen that most of the countries in the world are trying to strengthen their Armed Forces in different ways to defend the nations, nationality and the benefits of their nations and sovereignty by performing Defence Capability and Defence Modernisation. In doing so, it is necessary for all nations to possess the modern army which is strong and capable.

In modern warfare, air superiority, electronic technology superiority and the use of modernized weaponry can vastly support for the battle resolution. With the objective of building our army as a capable Standard Army, the development of military technical science and technology is the task to be carried out attentively.

For that reason, I want to urge you that it is necessary for our army that is building a Standard Army to learn continuously military technical science and the development of technology.

In performing the development of technical science and technology, not only doing research projects in respective fields is needed but also training Tatmadaw member-resources to be well-qualified is essential to do so. It is technology that requires both the valiant endeavour of each and every one and the collective effort of particular groups.

A powerful Standard Army can only be built with the competent military personnel resources as the development of a nation can be built with the human resources. By doing so, our Tatmadaw has been carrying out systematically such as military personnel development policy (HR Policy) policy-making under the international norms, implementation of HR development programme (HRD Programme), and proper assignment (HR Management) of trained military personnel in respective academic fields. Our Tat-madaw needs to practise qualified engineering education system which is beneficial to the practical field while performing for the development of research and human resources.

Only qualified engineering education system can produce engineers who can support for socio-economic development. Therefore, you had experienced yourself that Defence Services Technological Academy has been striving hard for Accreditation which is the most essential process to be international level engineers.

The nature of modern engineering education is to make positive inventions through theoretical foundations into practice for the benefits of humanity. Therefore, you all have to strive so as to develop the technology with the purpose of exploring the new power of nature. According to Engineering Philosophy, it is necessary to make up your mind how to utilize your engineering knowledge effectively for the development of our country and Tatmadaw. Those who persistently engaged in research will get on the innovation path and certainly become  a  reliable  engineer  and intellectual for the nation and the Tatmadaw.

You all are about to serve as engineer officers who have been well taught and trained not only in engineering subjects according to international standards but also in military tactics and military science since you must serve as junior military leaders. In our Tatmadaw, no matter which force you are serving in, it is necessary to be able to fight like infantry troops who have combat capability with military awareness.

It is necessary for you while serving in military operations, to be intelligentsia as well as military leaders who can lead in battles applying military tactics to accomplish assigned missions. The engineering knowledge must be integrated with military science while performing military engineering task effectively in the sectors of military principles: Advance, Offensive, Defensive and Retrograde.

In the age of rapid advancement in military science and technology, continuous learning is required without being contented in current level with what you have learned. Learning can improve knowledge while practical can achieve skills. The more knowledge will be built up only when the more practical have been done. Only when you explore the built up knowledge, you will gain innovation. It is necessary to practise repeatedly and utilize skillfully modernized weaponry which come through innovation in the battlefield. Furthermore, you all are required to abide in military science and principles, the rules of engagement (ROE), military codes of conduct and the engineering ethics. Therefore, I would like to ask firmly to act suitably as the training motto: “Study, Practise, Comply”.

For the development of combat capability of Tatmadaw, it is essen-tial for all of you to be fit physically and mentally. Construction tasks of engineering force are in the physical sector of performing duties. You all have to take part in any role from the stage of doing researches to the implementation of these processes in respective sectors such as technology, mechanical science, military mechanical science and structural engineering. For mental fitness, it is required to behave with beliefs and attitude, in addition, well-military-discipline and obedience.

As you all are going to be assigned as junior military engineer leaders of Tatmadaw, it is also necessary to give the right leadership to subordinates in your command. Leadership plays vital roles for each and every country and nationality. You will get the admiration and affection of your subordinates by giving the right leadership with parental spirit and impartiality which is the prime and effective one. Therefore, I would like to urge you to try hard to be reliable engineer officers of Tatmadaw by taking command and control on subordinates as good leaders and performing assigned duty by superiors as good followers.

You need to be physically and mentally fit so as to work for the development of the nation in future as engineer leaders. By doing so, you can serve for the objective of Tatmadaw. You must have a balanced diet and practise to be healthy and fit. I would like to urge you to lead and train the subordinates and their family in your posting units to be skillful and courageous to complete the tasks in accordance with the motto: “From practice to expertise, From expertise to confidence, From confidence to boldness, From boldness to success.”

As national defence duty is the main responsibility of the Tatmadaw, members of the Armed Forces are required to imbue with three capabilities: “Military Capability, Organizational Capability and Administrative Capability”. For improving military capability, speeding up skillful fighting power, completing conceptual component, physical component, moral component and advanced training sessions must be carried out. Training policy of the Tatmadaw is that each and every member of the Armed Forces must be “Be Fit, Be Competent, Be Brave”. Practising precisely this training policy, every individual needs to develop military capability.

For the betterment of administrative capability, the procedures of gen-eral staff, adjutant and quartermaster are required to learn thoroughly. It is necessary to lead fairly and avoid harmful immorality that can spoil the internal unity of the Armed Forces. It is also essential to pay great attention on welfare support. Only effective welfare support can improve moral discipline. It can be vividly seen in world war history that well-disciplined and high morale troops accomplished in respective missions.

While building up to be fulfilled with the organizational capabilities, it is necessary to perform internal and external organizational activities in balance. In order to build up internal unity, all military servicemen and their families from the respective units where you are assigned must be organized into unity as organizing is strengthening. When organizational capability is decreased, both administrative capability and military capability will also be decreased, therefore, it is necessary to focus on achieving stronger internal unity.

Moreover, we must behave in accordance with military moral code for external organizational activities and it is necessary to be reliable and efficient armed forces for the citizens by supporting constant efforts such as participating in the activities for the development of respective regions, giving immediate relief after natural disasters and assisting to promote socio-economic development related to education, health and social affairs of the people.

You all must constantly learn technology that is developing and evolving combined with an international perspective to build our Tatmadaw as Standard Army since the role of engineering force is vital, keep on trying for international accreditation of our Tatmadaw’s engineering education system and quality assurance since only quality engineering education system can produce qualified engineers; try hard to develop Tatmadaw’s combat power and combat capability by taking regular training activities to perform the training objectives of Tatmadaw: “Be Fit, Be Competent, Be Brave”, try hard to be a role model in discipline and reliable engineer officers for the Tatmadaw and the nation according to the motto: “Honour, Creative, Capable”. The Senior General took the salute of the cadet companies and left the parade ground.

After the parade, the Senior General delivered an honorary speech to the three outstanding cadets at the parlour of Defence Services Technological Academy.

In his speech, the Senior General said he took pride of them for their outstanding performances in the course, urging them to continue to work hard throughout their lives. It is a brilliant feat of theirs to have completed the course in an outstanding manner through six years of hard work from the first year to the final year, self-control and perseverance, and it is necessary to maintain this, the Senior General said. As they worked hard with their ultimate ambition, they need to continue and maintain such good practices. Persuasions coming from a society can decide one’s fate, good or bad. So it is necessary to have self-control with consideration and wisdom. Their patience to learn their course subjects and military skills within the school compound in the whole final year without going outside due to the Covid-19 outbreak is indicative of their strong will and self-control. The parents of the outstanding cadets are ordinary families and civil servants. So, they need to repay debt of gratitude to their parents for nurturing them to reach the current status. Being good persons and being able to realize their ambitions are also tantamount to repaying their parents debt of gratitude. As a token of showing gratitude, they can also provide verbal and psychological support and part of their salaries to their parents. Likewise, they must be loyal to the Tatmadaw. When duties are assigned in their respective units, they must work hard, follow the orders coming from superiors and perform their duties conscientiously. They must have a spirit of shouldering military duties as well as any other duty they are assigned. The Senior General urged them to work hard and try to realize their ambitions with self-control by showing their loyal to the State and the Tatmadaw.

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